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KM&M maintains practices in New York City and Los Angeles. From our East Coast and West Coast locations, we represent clients throughout the country. When our work takes us to jurisdictions other than New York and California, we sometimes call upon our extensive contacts and relationships with other law firms nationwide to assist us as local counsel. Please contact our offices.

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Industry Practice Areas

Computer and Information Technology

The emergence of the technology-driven "new" economy brought to the fore a number of legal workplace issues. Issues common to the high-tech industry arise out of that sector's fast-paced recruiting, casual working environments, awards of stock options as a component of compensation, long working hours, the use and enforcement of restrictive covenants and, more recently, layoffs. KM&M has actively assisted its clients in the technology industries in navigating these issues, finding quick and efficient solutions and providing effective advice and training.

Some of KM&M's clients operating in the technology sector are DoubleClick Inc., Modem Media Inc., and Oxygen Media LLC.


The construction industry is among the most heavily unionized industries in all of American commerce, and KM&M's knowledge of the industry is unparalleled. We represent major construction firms operating in the New York Metropolitan Area in a wide range of traditional labor and employment matters. We also represent the Contractors' Association of Greater New York, Inc. (CAGNY), a consortium of the major New York-area construction companies, in a variety of matters involving multi-employer issues and labor issues of common concern to the industry as a whole.

KM&M's construction clients include: The Contractors' Association of Greater New York, Inc. (CAGNY); Lendlease (US) Construction LMB Inc.; Plaza Construction LLC; Turner Construction Company; Cauldwell Wingate Company, LLC; Pavarini McGovern; Hunter Roberts Construction Group; Insulation Contractors Association of New York City, Inc; The Association of Contracting Plumbers of the City of New York, Inc.; and the Building Trades Employers Association.

Entertainment, Sports, and the Arts

KM&M's practice in the fields of entertainment, sports, and the arts uniquely combines services in the traditional facets of labor and employment law with a highly specialized leadership role in entertainment industry labor relations. This dynamic practice includes:

  • Counseling and representing employers operating broadcast television, cable television and radio networks, theatre producers and producers for broadcast, cable and public television and the Internet concerning all issues arising from the employment of performers, writers, directors, and technical personnel;
  • Negotiating collective bargaining agreements on behalf of networks, stand-alone stations, and independent producers covering programming produced for network television, public television, cable television, radio, the emerging world of digital cable, and convergent television-Internet technologies;
  • Representing clients in the fields of professional and collegiate sports, as well in the broadcasting of sporting events, in matters ranging from negotiating key employment contracts and collective bargaining agreements to representing management interests in labor arbitrations and National Labor Relations Board proceedings;
  • Handling labor and employment matters for enterprises devoted to music, theater, dance, children's programming, and public television.

KM&M's clients in the fields of entertainment, sports and arts include: Viacom Inc.; Viacom Media Networks (MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, CMT, TV Land, Spike TV, Nick Jr., LOGO, Comedy Central); CBS; NBC Universal; Lifetime Television; Broadway Television; Warner Music Group (Warner Brothers, Atlantic and Elektra Records); Sesame Workshop; The Jim Henson Company; Thirteen-WNET New York/New Jersey Public Television; WETA Washington Public Television; WGBH Boston Public Television; Connecticut Public Broadcasting, Inc.; WOR Radio; WQXR Radio; NPR; NYC Public Radio; New York Yankees; Jazz at Lincoln Center; the American Ballet Theatre; and the Metropolitan Opera.

Financial Services

KM&M has significant experience protecting the interests of financial services institutions in disputes with employees and competitor institutions.  In addition to defending claims for breach of contract, failure to pay bonus compensation, and wrongful termination, KM&M has developed a particular expertise handling disputes involving application of the law of restrictive covenants, corporate raiding, misappropriation of trade secrets, and unfair competition.  We have successfully litigated these matters in federal and state courts, including through proceedings for temporary injunctive relief, and have arbitrated cases to a successful conclusion before the NASD-DR and NYSE.

Manufacturing, Retailing, and Service

Companies engaged in the diverse areas of manufacturing, retailing, and service require informed lawyers who know the business. From the manufacture of semiconductors to the retail sale of books, videos and DVD's, to the hospitality service business, KM&M has made the required investment of time in order to understand the nature of each client's business. Our attention to how the business works enables KM&M to render the best informed and most efficient legal services.

KM&M's clients engaged in manufacturing, retailing and service include Barnes & Noble, Inc.


With decades of experience representing companies engaged in the maritime transportation of passengers and freight, KM&M has developed an unparalleled expertise in the intersection of labor law and maritime law. Over the past 20 years the maritime industry has seen dramatic shifts in the balance of the power between unions and management, and KM&M and our clients have been at the forefront of these developments.

The firm represents all of the most visible maritime passenger and tourism companies in New York harbor and vicinity including Circle Line Sightseeing, World Yacht and New York Waterway in both employment law and traditional labor matters.

KM&M also represents the most prominent and visible tugboat and barge companies operating along the entire East Coast and in the Caribbean concerning their negotiations and relationships with unions such as the Seafarers International Union, the International Longshoremen's Union and the Masters, Mates and Pilots.

Not-for-Profit and Education

Educational institutions and other not-for-profit organizations view their mission as providing a public service. They tend to be more heavily unionized and their collective bargaining agreements raise unique economic and non-economic issues, particularly in the area of job security (in education, for example, the concept of tenure). In addition, the decisionmaking process in educational and not-for-profit institutions typically is heavily influenced by the voices of committees and Boards of Directors; as a result, and because these institutions often depend for their existence upon maintaining public support, decisions in the area of labor and employment relations receive special scrutiny and must take account of both the views of diverse constituencies and of public relations concerns.

Some of KMM's educational and not-for-profit clients are Pace University, St. John's University, Victory Schools, ACLU, Non-Traditional Employment for Women (NEW), the Police Athletic League, Goodwill, Human Rights First, and Cardinal McCloskey Services.


Bridging the landline communications systems of traditional telephone companies and the digital, fiber-optic voice and data communications that are the lifeblood of the new economy, today's world of telecommunications is among the most competitive in American commerce. KM&M has been at the forefront of this industry for 20 years, negotiating collective bargaining agreements across the United States for companies that manufacture, sell and maintain business telephone systems, counseling and representing industry employers on a variety of labor and employment matters. Currently, KM&M works closely with leaders in the emerging wireless communications sector to maintain operational flexibility where the retailing of wireless equipment and services to end users, both consumer and business, demands cutting-edge efficiency and productivity.

KM&M's clients in the field of telecommunications include Verizon Wireless.