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Workplace Training Programs

KM&M's commitment to the concept of preventive law is nowhere more evident than in its comprehensive workplace training programs. Companies can and do avoid significant problems in the workplace when they undertake the relatively modest investment of ensuring appropriate training for their managers/supervisors and their employees. We advise our clients and train their managers and workforces about how to create and maintain a respectful workplace free of discrimination and harassment. We also provide training on proper interviewing, hiring, firing, best workplace practices and policies, the implications of business reorganization and business retrenchment, and proper FLSA classification of employees. KM&M also provides comprehensive training with respect to union awareness and responding to union organizing campaigns.

Whether your business is large or small, your workforce centralized or dispersed, or union or non-union, we will develop and implement effective training programs to fit your needs. Our vast experience in training clients in the variety of workplace issues permits us to provide focused, customized programs with great efficiency and competitive cost savings. To learn more about KM&M's training programs, contact Michele Coyne or Aislinn McGuire.