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Our Approach

KM&M's approach to the practice of law combines dedication to our clients and their long-term interests with a common-sense appreciation that clients prefer to spend their time and energy on building their businesses rather than on distracting legal problems. At KM&M, our job is to enable you to concentrate on what's important -- the success of your business.

We are problem solvers

Modern business faces a multitude of problems relating to labor and employment law. Our goal is to identify the problem and find a quick, cost-effective, practical solution.

We stress prevention

KM&M is committed to the concept of preventive law. We know the value of spending a little time and a little money to head off big problems. We advise our clients and train their managers on such matters as anti-harassment policies, affirmative action, compliance with federal and state discrimination laws, union organization, and the implications of business reorganization and business retrenchment.

We make in-house counsel's job easier

Company counsel must regularly confront a range of labor and employment issues. Our goal is to help minimize and sometimes eliminate the time necessary to solve them. Frequently, we become virtual extensions of many of our clients' legal departments by maintaining regular communication and offering timely advice as issues arise. We are experienced at every level.

KM&M has some of the most experienced labor and employment lawyers anywhere

As a rule, we employ lawyers with a background in labor and employment law. All KM&M lawyers are ready and able to provide immediate and meaningful assistance.