KM&M takes great pride in its commitment to “giving back” to the communities that we service. The firm represents a diverse array of charitable and non-profit organizations nationwide. This aspect of our practice provides a valuable benefit to entities that likely could not otherwise obtain affordable, top-quality legal representation. At the same time, the firm’s attorneys benefit from the opportunity to perform community service.

KM&M has provided its services on a pro bono basis to a variety of charitable organizations, including:

  • The Legal Aid Society (a not-for-profit organization that provides free legal services to more than 300,000 indigent New York City residents each year);
  • Victory Schools (a private manager of public schools, responsible for opening the first charter school in New York State — the Sisulu Children’s Academy in Harlem);
  • Cardinal McCloskey Community Services (a not-for-profit, social service agency that provides millions of hours of services for children, families, and developmentally disabled individuals); and
  • Police Athletic League (a not-for-profit that provides camps, adventure learning, sports programs, and numerous other programs designed to engage children and improve their quality of life).

In addition to representing many non-profit organizations, KM&M attorneys also actively serve on boards of charitable organizations and on numerous bar association committees and legal advisory boards.