U.S. laws and regulations governing the employment of foreign nationals, the sponsorship of employees for permanent residency, and other immigration and nationality matters are highly complex and fraught with potential pitfalls for in-house counsel and human resources managers. Our immigration attorneys have decades of experience successfully guiding corporate clients who wish to employ top talent from around the world, while ensuring regulatory compliance and managing risks.

Immigration Law Services

Kauff McGuire & Margolis LLP represents employers in all business-related immigration matters in addition to our labor and employment law practices. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, we serve employers nationwide, assisting our clients with a wide range of immigration processes, including:

Securing Temporary Work Visas for Global Talent

Employers seeking to hire foreign nationals can sponsor candidates for various types of temporary (“nonimmigrant”) work visas. We help our clients determine which visas make the most sense for their needs, assist with the preparation of all requisite paperwork, and manage client files to ensure that they remain in compliance with federal law.

Employment-Based Permanent Residency

Sponsoring non-citizen employees for permanent resident (“immigrant”) status can be hugely beneficial for companies seeking to attract top candidates on a long-term basis. We assist employers nationwide with all employment-based (EB) immigrant categories, including applications for managers and executives; for employees with “extraordinary ability” in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics; for professionals holding advanced degrees; and for skilled workers who have exceptional abilities.  

Consular Processing

Citizens of nearly all countries must apply for nonimmigrant or immigrant visas at a U.S. Embassy or Consulate in order to travel to the United States for employment. We advise employers and their employees on all matters pertaining to the processing of visas at consular posts worldwide.  

Ensuring Worksite Enforcement and Immigration Compliance

Employers must address the requirements of federal immigration laws in order to continue to employ their foreign national employees. We assist employers with all aspects of worksite enforcement and compliance, from confirming job candidates’ employment eligibility to managing employees’ visa status on an ongoing basis.

Investment-Based Work Visas & Permanent Residency

Visas based on investments, both nonimmigrant and immigrant, are often effective options for entrepreneurs and employees wishing to work for qualifying commercial enterprises. KM&M assists clients who are seeking to invest in, or work for, foreign-owned companies in the United States.

Citizenship & Naturalization

Employers often have a strong incentive to help their managers, executives, and other top-performing employees become U.S. citizens. Similar to our services for nonimmigrant and immigrant visas, we assist employers and employees with matters pertaining to citizenship and naturalization.

Family-Based Immigration

In addition to employer-sponsored immigrant categories, U.S. immigration laws also permit individuals to sponsor qualifying relatives for permanent residency. Non-citizen employees often seek guidance with respect to family-based immigration matters. Our attorneys have extensive experience assisting clients with family-based applications, as well as with applications based on employment.

Discuss Your Company’s Immigration-Related Needs with an Attorney at KM&M

If you would like to know more about your company’s immigration-related compliance obligations or how your company can leverage immigration policies and procedures to its strategic advantage, we encourage you to schedule a consultation at KM&M. Call our New York office at 212-644-1010 or our Los Angeles office at 310-277-7550 to get started today. 

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