KM&M combines dedication to its clients and their long-term interests with a common-sense appreciation that clients want nothing more than to spend their time and energy building their own businesses and pursuing their own goals rather than on what might be distracting legal problems. At KM&M, our job is to enable you to concentrate on what’s important – the success of your business and your institutional aspirations.

We are problem solvers

Since operating a business or a not-for-profit entity requires facing a multitude of problems relating to labor, employment, and immigration law, our goal is to identify your problem, to narrow it, and then to find a quick, cost-effective, practical solution.

We stress prevention

We take to heart the adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We know the value of spending a bit of time and a bit of money to head off a big problem. Our goal is to provide comprehensive workplace counseling and advice to anticipate and guard against potentially intransigent workplace issues, and to partner with our clients to promptly and effectively address issues that if left unaddressed may spell trouble.

We make in-house counsel’s job easier

In-house counsel must regularly confront a range of labor, employment, and immigration issues. Our goal is to help minimize or even eliminate the time necessary to solve them. Frequently, we become a virtual extension of many of our clients’ legal departments.

Experienced attorneys

We employ lawyers who are already committed to our specialties and already have the knowledge, experience, and background in labor, employment, or immigration law and stand ready and able to provide immediate and meaningful assistance.