Oct 23, 2013 General Employment Issues

Child Models Now Covered under New York’s Child Performer Laws and Regulations

On Monday, October 21, 2013, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed into law legislation that recognizes child models as child performers. The law is effective 30 days from its signing (i.e., November 20, 2013).

The law expands the definition of “artistic and creative services,” which is the operative language defining child performers, to include the services of runway and print models, and repeals a section of the New York Arts and Cultural Affairs law that previously treated child models separate and apart from child performers.

Accordingly, child models will now be subject to the same permitting requirements, maximum hours limitations, and education requirements, among other obligations set forth in the New York Department of Labor’s recently enacted child performer regulations (12 NYCRR Part 186).

For more information regarding this new law, New York’s child performer regulations, or child performer issues generally, please contact Michael Mizner in our New York office or Laura Putney in our California office.