Apr 27, 2020 Immigration Law

Visa Waiver Travelers Affected by COVID-19 May Request a Second 30-Day Extension of Stay

Travelers on the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) / Electronic System of Travel Authorization (ESTA) who are unable to depart the United States before their extended period of stay (known as “satisfactory departure”) expires may now request a second 30-day period of satisfactory departure. US Customs & Border Protection had previously announced that VWP/ESTA travelers whose travel was disrupted by COVID-19 may request a period of satisfactory departure, extending their stay in the United States by up to 30 days. Travelers who are still prevented from traveling as a result of COVID-19 and whose first extension is expiring may now request a second period of satisfactory departure. Grants of satisfactory departure are discretionary (both for the initial and subsequent request), and applicants will be required to provide their travel itineraries and an explanation of why they are unable to depart the United States before their period of stay expires.

Please contact us if you would like assistance requesting a period of satisfactory departure.